Technological University (Thanlyin) is signed MOU with the following organizations and international technological colleges and Universities for higher education. Myanmar is the mother language. To achieve the quality standard of teaching the academic subjects. Myanmar subject is included as a supporting subject for all BE First year students. It gives basic knowledge of Myanmar Literature and Myanmar Culture. By studying the class work.

  • To be able to produce well-qualified engineers of younger generation for the   establishment of modernized and well-developed Country.
  • Improving the technology with the spirit of Partriotism.
  • To be able to respect Myanmar Literature and to value our mother tongue.

First year (Myanmar) Out come

  • To understand the writing style of prose and to be patriotic.
  • To understand the concept essence and aesthetic values of poem, and to be patriotic.
  • To understand the writing system of Myanmar language.
  • To be able to follow and practise good advice.
  • To be polite and clever.
  • To be able to use Myanmar dictionary.
  • To be skilful at reading and improve creativity.