Department of English

The Department of English is one of the academic departments in Technological University (Thanlyin). English is widely used all over the world and it is also very important for education. It can be said that English is also necessary for engineering students because the entire syllabus they studied is in English. In their final (6th year),they have to do their mini-thesis, their internship report, presentation and project and everything in details in English. So, studying English can help them without difficulties in their academic studies and their career. For those who have fluency in English must have an opportunity to participate in scholarship programs. All technological University (TU) students need to learn English as a compulsory subject from 1st year to 4thyear and in Master Degree course. In their future career, good English skill is crucial to an engineer to read scientific journals and papers in English.

The department of English has (21) staff members. Most of them are master’s degree holders.

Lecturer                                   6

Assistant Lecturer                  10

Tutor                                        5

Total                                        21

Staff of the English Department has also conducted microteaching to upgrade their teaching and language proficiency.


The English Department is a unit of Technological University (Thanlyin). It helps students build knowledge the content. The primary missions of the English Department are

-to foster students’ existing knowledge about language,

-to enhance students’ use of language in scientific and engineering contexts, and

-to develop their basic engineering concepts and knowledge so that they will be able to present their    ideas, discoveries and findings effectively.


The English Department is a part of Technological University (Thalyin). The English Department has been creating a stimulating learning environment for students. Students’ achievement, improvement and competency in English language are our main goals. We develop students’ existing knowledge about English language and broaden their horizon in using English in scientific and engineering contexts. We provide them with support, guidance, and help so that every student develops their language skills. In addition to this, they can use language powerfully and effectively in their lifelong learning and presenting their discoveries and finding, clearly by the use of an international language, English.